May 25, 2004


Valuing The Disc

Steve Jukes

Ban The Infidels From Zion!

What's The Score?

Proper Defensive Stance

Am I In?

Field Goal!


I Think I Can

Focus Focus Focus



Are You Sure?

Two Big Guys Bend At The Knee

Steve Jukes Again

Derek Looks Right

Leigh and Tina Reach Out

Come Here

Wow he caught my throw!

To Hammer Or Not?

Little Sky

Jamie Surveys In Shades

Jessica Ponders

This Game Is Serious

I Am With You 100%

Dang they broke the force!

Yeah Whatever

Bo: "Bring It On"

Big Sky

Paul is pleased

Jeb looks doubtful

Derek Waits For The Deep Cut

Travis: "Aaaaaaaa!"

Leigh Explains To Jessica

Jessica: "Arrrrrrg!"

Jim is happy


Blue Up Dolls Cheer